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About Us

Welcome to MEMMT your best resource for all things money. Yes, money! A favorite topic for most.

We are a team of economists keen on sharing knowledge about the economics of money. Our goal is to help you understand money better and we promise to limit the economic jargon. Our team will strive to keep off theory and focus more on facts. Through this platform, we will provide information that will go beyond the technical aspects of economics and delve into how the financial decisions you make affect your access to money, how you spend it, save it as well as avoid falling into debt because of it.

All content on this platform is a result of extensive research as well as our own professional opinions which we are open to hearing contradictory views. We believe that discourse is the way through which we move away from theory and get to facts.We therefore welcome feedback on any content that will be posted on the MEMMT platform.

You are welcome.

The MEMMT team.