Creating and maintaining a strategy


Activities may include, but are not limited to:

Iterating and revising strategic plans

Developing plans to promote and implement the strategy working with stakeholders to communicate and implement strategic management through goals, accountability, and monitoring progress.

Strategic planning: level 5.

Gathers information and creates reports and analysis to support strategy management processes. Ensures that all stakeholders are aware of the strategic management approach and timeline. Provides support and guidance to help stakeholders adhere to the approach. Develops and communicates plans to promote strategy and related change planning. Contributes to the development of policies, standards, and guidelines for strategy development and planning.

Strategic Planning: level 6.

Formulates policies, standards, and guidelines for how the organization conducts strategy development and planning. Directs and manages the creation or revision of a strategy that meets business requirements. Develops, communicates, implements, and reviews processes that embed strategic management into the operational management of the organization.

Strategic Planning: level 7.

Leads the identification, implementation, and communication of the organization's strategic management structure. Leads the creation and revision of strategies and plans to support strategic business requirements.