Managed Portfolios

Participant Advisory Services

Participant advice is the key element of our practice. A fundamental flaw in defined contribution plans is that many individuals lack the time, expertise, and/or the interest in managing their own accounts. We have found that employee education only goes so far, as plan participants must interpret and implement complex investment principles on an ongoing basis.

To solve this problem, with the help of our strategic partners, we build and manage diversified portfolios made up of the investment options in your plan. Or, we implement diversified portfolios using institutional money managers. We then advise your employees with respect to which portfolio is best suited for their particular investment goals and risk tolerance.

Discipline and Asset Allocation are Essential to Solid Long-term Investment Performance

Our Managed Portfolios alleviate the ongoing research and decision making many plan participants are currently faced with. We believe that a disciplined, systematic approach to retirement saving is absolutely essential in order for people to reach their goals.

Managed Portfolio Solutions

Diversified portfolios managed by institutional money managers.

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Investment advice provided by a Nobel prize winning economist.

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