Portfolio management

Develop and apply a management system to identify and implement a portfolio of programs, projects, and/or ongoing services.


Activities may include, but are not limited to:

Alignment of investments with specific business strategies and goals

Strategic investment assessment and decision-making process

Assessing costs, risks, interdependencies, and impact on existing business operations

Identification of issues with portfolio structure, costs, risks, interdependencies, impact on existing operations, and strategic benefits to be realized

Implement portfolio management practices that support iterative/flexible operations

Measuring and objectively assessing potential changes and benefits to be realized

Prioritizing the use of resources and changes to be implemented regular review of portfolios

Managing a pipeline of services (proposed or in development), a catalog of services (current or available for deployment), and legacy services.

Portfolio Management: Level 5

Ensures that program/project managers and/or service owners adhere to an agreed upon portfolio management approach and schedule. Explains what information is needed and ensures that this information is provided in accordance with agreed upon timelines and accuracy. Prepares reports required for portfolio management, including recommendations for changes to the portfolio.

Portfolio Management: Level 6.

Engages and influences senior managers to ensure that the portfolio achieves agreed upon business objectives. Leads the definition of the portfolio of programs, projects and/or ongoing services. Plans, schedules, monitors and reports on portfolio related activities. Ensures that each part of the portfolio contributes to the overall goal of the portfolio. Identifies problems associated with the portfolio. Notifies projects/programs/change initiatives of problems and recommends and monitors corrective actions. Collects, summarizes, and reports on portfolio performance. Reports on the status of the portfolio as needed.

Portfolio Management: Level 7.

Approves portfolio structure and aligns portfolio with strategies, goals and emerging opportunities. Leads the definition, implementation, and review of the organization's portfolio management system. Establishes parameters for prioritizing resources and changes to be implemented. Recommends and implements corrective actions, engaging and influencing senior management. Leads ongoing monitoring and analysis of portfolios in terms of their impact on current operations and the strategic benefits to be realized. Implements portfolio management mechanisms and effective reporting.