Program Management

Identify, plan and coordinate a set of related projects and activities to support specific business strategies and goals.


Activities may include, but are not limited to:

Managing interdependencies in support of specific business strategies and goals

Maintaining a strategic view of a set of projects

Providing a framework for implementing business initiatives or major changes

Implementing program management practices to support iterative/flexible work

Creating, maintaining, and communicating a vision for program outcomes and associated benefits

Aligning business requirements and translating requirements into operational plans

Defining, monitoring, and analyzing program scope, costs, schedule, and expected benefits

Planning program resources, interdependencies, and program risks.

Program Management: Level 6

Plans, directs and coordinates program management and implementation activities from inception to final transition to operational, routine management. Plans, schedules, monitors, and reports on program related activities. Ensures appropriate and effective management mechanisms and comprehensive reporting and communication policies are in place and adhered to. Maintains awareness of current technical developments that may provide program opportunities. Ensures programs are managed to realize agreed-upon business benefits within agreed-upon timeframes.

Program Management: level 7.

Shapes organizational strategy that guides the direction and conduct of program management, including the application of appropriate methodologies. Plans, directs and coordinates the management and implementation of complex programs from inception to full integration with operational, conventional management. Aligns program goals with business objectives and authorizes the selection and planning of all related projects and activities. Plans, schedules, monitors and reports on program related activities. Ensures alignment and adherence to appropriate and effective management arrangements supported by comprehensive reporting and communication strategies.