Specialist consultation

Providing authoritative advice and guidance in a specialized area.

Methodological Advice:

This skill involves the development and use of specialized knowledge.

Expertise and specialized knowledge may relate to a specific area of information or communication technology, digital technology work, methods, techniques, products, or applications.

It may also include the application of professional knowledge from other disciplines to information and technology topics. This includes disciplines such as - but not limited to - law, finance, public relations, communications, ethics, and human resource management.

Specialist consultation: level 4

Provides detailed and specific advice on the application of his or her specialty to organizational planning and operations. Actively maintains knowledge in one or more identifiable specialties. Recognizes and defines the boundaries of his or her own specialty knowledge. Collaborates with other specialties as needed to ensure that the advice provided meets the needs of the organization.

Specialist consultation: level 5.

Provides definitive and expert advice in his or her area of expertise. Actively maintains recognized expertise in one or more identifiable areas of specialty. Supervises the provision of advice from other specialists. Consolidates knowledge from several sources, including outside experts, to provide coordinated advice to achieve organizational goals. Supports and encourages the development and sharing of expertise within the organization.

Specialist consultation: level 6.

Provides organizational leadership and guidelines to promote the development and use of expertise in the organization. Maintains a network of recognized experts (within and/or outside the organization) who can provide expert advice in relevant areas. Contributes to professional development planning for a significant portion of the organization to further the development of relevant expertise.